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Choose 1 VTG sterling SF Trolley & California state tagcharm, propeller airplane or 800 horse silver bracelet charm pendant travel birthday gift



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CHOOSE 1 by nu vintagember: GENERAL SIZE and GOOD CONDITION: ZOOM in on photos with ru vintagelers, scale and coin for size and weight reference. GOOD to EXCELLENT CONDITION: in good to excellent u vintagesed pre owned vintage condition with light patina. Qu vintageestions welcome. More details abou vintaget each one below:#1 SF TROLLEY 925 CHARM: This is more u vintagenu vintagesu vintageal than most becau vintagese the tag is shaped like the state of California and reads San Francisco. The tag is marked with something on the back, bu vintaget I can't read it. Ju vintagemp ring is a little bent. The charm, ju vintagemp ring and tag tested 925 sterling. Weight: 1.8 grams#2 TINY SMALL PROPELLER TWO WHEEL AIRPLANE 925 CHARM: The propeller spins and it's lightly marked STERLING on the top & split ring. Weight is 1.4 grams.#3 800 SILVER HORSE CHARM: This charm is on the larger side and tested 800 silver. No ju vintagemp ring. Weight: 4.4 grams#4 LARGE 800 SILVER AIRPLANE: This airplane charm is mu vintagech bigger than the sterling one with the propeller and tested 800 silver. Split ring inclu vintageded. Weight: 1.4 grams.DOMESTIC SHIPPING: arrives in a plastic capsu vintagele and inclu vintagedes USPS first class shipping with tracking and insu vintagerance. More sterling and 14k goldcharms in this shop here:https://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?ref=search_shop_redirect§ion_id=13509242More charms, like car and Egyptian themed, pu vintageffed heart and Mickey Mou vintagese at ou vintager other shop, VintageToGoEasy here:https://www./shop/VintageToGoEasy?ref=search_shop_redirect§ion_id=11769736Phone and pu vintageffy heart charms and more at ou vintager other shop, Hoarder Rehab here:https://www./shop/HoarderRehab?ref=search_shop_redirect§ion_id=11663803Sterling charms and lockets at ou vintager other shop, Ju vintagenkDrawerAndMore:https://www./shop/Ju vintagenkDrawerAndMore?ref=search_shop_redirect§ion_id=16046286more religiou vintages charms and medals from this shop:https://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?ref=listing-shop-header-item-cou vintagent§ion_id=22934241religiou vintages folk art made by me:http://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?section_id=12553465vintage religiou vintages artifacts from VintageToGoetsy:http://www./shop/vintagetogoetsy?section_id=11532369Religiou vintages charms and medals from HoarderRehab:http://www./shop/HoarderRehab?section_id=12063438Hoarder History: More of my charm collection! Enjoy!Untold Destiny: I hope this goes to a collector who collects!Please feel free to ask any qu vintageestions, make an offer, comment, leave feedback, leave info pertaining to this item or requ vintageest more pics. Before pu vintagerchasing please convo with zip code for exact shipping costs, especially with combined orders and read shop policies. Most shipping prices qu vintageoted are based on USPS flat rate priority shipping withou vintaget insu vintagerance, the difference will be refu vintagended from the total based on shipping and handling. International shipping and/or insu vintagerance available, please contact for more details. Thank you vintage for visiting HoarderRehab's: The Destiny of Things!If there is a story behind the pu vintagerchase of this item, I'd love to know it! I am collecting these stories, instead of more things, as part of my HoarderRehab therapy and will place it on my blog: The Hoarder Rehab Blog: The Destiny of Things or you vintage in advance for you vintager time, story and pics you vintage wish to share!Thank you vintage Etsy bu vintageyers for sharing 550+ stories behind the pu vintagerchase, especially crosses and religiou vintages medals, and su vintagepporting my HoarderRehab jou vintagerney! Thank you vintage! me and add you vintager story! I'd love another story!

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