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vintage watch, Vintage 10K White RGP Ladies Waltham 25 Jewel Diamond Watch 1960 Era



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This is a Vintage 10K White RGP Ladies Waltham 25 Jewel Diamond Watch 1960's Era. It has 3 Diamonds on each side, a total of 6 Diamonds. When wou 10k gold fillednd, it ticks then qu 10k gold filledits, You 10k gold filled shake it then it ticks and qu 10k gold filledits. May ju 10k gold filledst need a gentle cleaning., ju 10k gold filledst not su 10k gold filledre. I cannot gu 10k gold filledarantee my older watches and clocks and I try to state in my ad whether they ru 10k gold filledn or not. Therefore you 10k gold filled bu 10k gold filledy as is No Retu 10k gold filledrns. It is 10K White Rolled Gold Plate, the band is a Speidel band. Staineless Steel back. Good Condition with normal age wear. If you 10k gold filled have any more qu 10k gold filledestions please ask before you 10k gold filled pu 10k gold filledrchase. I ship to the USA. No International Shipping. I also insu 10k gold filledre all of my packages to make su 10k gold filledre that they arrive to you 10k gold filled safely. Thanks for looking.

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