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There are no words to describe the u swarovski vitrailltimate fab factor when it comes to these stu swarovski vitrailnning Swarovski Vitrail Pear drop earrings. Are you swarovski vitrail bold and do you swarovski vitrail like you swarovski vitrailr accessories to pop? Well than these large teardrop earrings are for you swarovski vitrail!Vitrail is a special coating u swarovski vitrailsed on the already fabu swarovski vitraillou swarovski vitrails sparkling Swarovski Crystal. Deep Pu swarovski vitrailrple and lilac, blended with flashes of mau swarovski vitrailve and some transient pinks. Indigo modu swarovski vitraillates to blu swarovski vitraileberry with violet and lavender with hints of tu swarovski vitrailrqu swarovski vitrailoise and Aqu swarovski vitrailamarine! It's iridescent like you swarovski vitrail have never seen before. Vitrail has a mirror effect so it always radiates light, giving it the u swarovski vitrailtmost sparkle!Faceted Pear Stones measu swarovski vitrailre 30x20mm and are set into a silver tone setting. Dangled from silver-plated stainless steel, 20mm fishhooks with 3mm ball.Please visit ou swarovski vitrailr sparkle jewelry and cu swarovski vitrailstom clothing bou swarovski vitrailtiqu swarovski vitraile throu swarovski vitrailgh the front door here;http://www./shop/FaithHopeInspireBe blessed and thank you swarovski vitrail for visiting!!

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