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A little fu mixed metalnky chicken to dance on you mixed metalr neck! Inspired by my love of chickens and my own little flock of hens. The pendant u mixed metalses a mixtu mixed metalre of techniqu mixed metales and metals. The body of the chicken is brass, while the wing and tail are copper. The legs, chain, and accents are sterling silver. Glass beads accent the feet.Copper and brass will arrive shiny as pictu mixed metalred, however throu mixed metalgh wear and handling they will darken. They can be cleaned by polishing cloth or a gentle (safe for glass) cleaning solu mixed metaltion.The chain is sterling silver and is available in 16", 18", and 20" lengths. Select you mixed metalr preference from the dropdown menu mixed metal in this listing.I also offer other chicken jewelry in my shop. Please take a look :)I make all of my jewelry by hand in my Savannah, GA stu mixed metaldio. Please let me know if you mixed metal have any qu mixed metalestions. Thank you mixed metal for valu mixed metaling and su mixed metalpporting hand crafted art.

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