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vintage bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 10 Charms 1960 Era



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This is a Sterling Charm Bracelet with 10 Charms. Charms are not marked Sterling or at least I cou 1960 era braceletld not find the mark, bu 1960 era bracelett they do look like Sterling. The Girl has a date on it of 10-10-63. The bracelet is marked Sterling. Charms are as follows: Castle, Mallet, Girl, Artist Pallet, Bowling Pin and Ball, PTA Chalkboard, School Hou 1960 era braceletse, Ohio Diamond Ju 1960 era braceletbilee, Spark Plu 1960 era braceletg, and a Gardner's Tool. All in good condition. It weighs 45 Grams. If you 1960 era bracelet have any more qu 1960 era braceletestions please ask before you 1960 era bracelet pu 1960 era braceletrchase. I ship to the USA. No International. I also insu 1960 era braceletre all of my packages to the USA to make su 1960 era braceletre that they arrive to you 1960 era bracelet safely. Thanks for looking.

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