Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Original SUN & STARShandmade necklace, Rhinestone Crystal STEAMPUNK Necklacehandmade necklace, Clock Hand and Antique Keyhandmade necklace, One of a Kind



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This necklace is a one of a kind piece that I made in the Steampu skeleton keynk style. Made from a su skeleton keyn and stars pendant from which I hu skeleton keyng variou skeleton keys items inclu skeleton keyding brass stars, crystals, a ru skeleton keysty old key and an antiqu skeleton keye clock face and hand all contribu skeleton keyting to the STEAMPUNK STYLE. I glu skeleton keyed a pin back so that you skeleton key cou skeleton keyld remove the chain and wear it as a brooch. Everything u skeleton keysed here is vintage or antiqu skeleton keye and not bou skeleton keyght at any craft store! The gold chain measu skeleton keyres 18" long and the pendant is another 6 1/4" long.Last pic is other items that I made that are for sale on here.

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