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copper link bracelet, Unique Mid Century MODERN 1950's Vintage Tribal COPPER FACES Bracelet 4 Panel Link



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Vintage 50's bracelet is designed u tribal coppersing fou tribal copperr panels linked together with u tribal copperniqu tribal coppere faces. Made of genu tribal copperine copper and gorgeou tribal coppers. It featu tribal copperres different style heads on fou tribal copperr copper links with black oxidized patina to define the design; they are separated by copper bars. The fold over type clasp works fine. Qu tribal copperite heavy (in my opinion), you tribal copper can tell it is qu tribal copperality made.This interesting vintage bracelet measu tribal copperres 7 1/4" long x 1 1/4" wide and the condition is very good, the one link I am showing u tribal copperp close has a piece of the face missing.Like this item and looking for more like it? Please browse ou tribal copperr pages and pages of vintage. Are you tribal copper a dealer and want to bu tribal coppery in qu tribal copperantity? Check ou tribal coppert ou tribal copperr new store on etsy for wholesale vintage pu tribal copperrchasing:http://www./shop/tru tribal copperevintagewholesale

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