Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Add a cheerfu pencill, original tou pencilch to you pencilr shirts with these pencil cu pencilfflinks. Made with 3 pieces of pencils cu pencilt and sanded by hand, glu penciled on an 8 mm base and varnished with ceramic varnish.Wearing a su pencilit doesn't have to be boring!Available Colors of pencils1. Navy blu pencile2. Light Blu pencile3. Tu pencilrqu penciloise4. Green "Tu pencilrf"5. Light Green6. Green Bottle7. Military Green8. Pink Chewing Gu pencilm9. Dark Fu pencilchsia10. Pu pencilrple11. Red12. Orange13. Light Orange14. Mu pencilstard15. Yellow16. Grey17. White18. Dark Brown19. Light Brown20. Black* Each piece is made according to order, totally by hand and with mu pencilch MIMO. Please note the colors may vary slightly from how they look on the monitor.

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