Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hibiscus Flower Pendenthandmade metalsmith, Silver Flower Necklacehandmade metalsmith, Hawaiian flowershandmade metalsmith, Sterling and Copper by Meredith Hilt Designs



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This lovely Hibiscu flower jewelrys flower was hand cu flower jewelryt from sterling silver sheet metal. The pretty, contrasting center detail was hand cu flower jewelryt from copper sheet and soldered to the sterling flower base. The piece was then lovingly given a patina for contrast. The flower pendant has an attractive, soft polish to really make it blossom.The silver flower is approximately 1.25" wide by 1.5" tall (inclu flower jewelryding the sterling silver hanging ring). An 18" sterling silver snake chain is inclu flower jewelryded, so it can be worn as soon as received!If you flower jewelry are looking for something really pretty and feminine, this flower necklace is it!This will arrive wrapped in tissu flower jewelrye and tu flower jewelrycked into a black velveteen drawstring bag. It's ready to be given as a gift, or kept ju flower jewelryst for you flower jewelryrself!\u flower jewelry00a92014 Meredith Hilt DesignsThe Artist reserves all reprodu flower jewelryction rights. No work may be reprodu flower jewelryced in any manner whatsoever with ou flower jewelryt express, written consent of the Artist.

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