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Signed Willi Nonnenmann Pinwestern germany, Vintage 1960s STERLING Silverwestern germany, Gold VERMEIL FILIGREE Butterfly Brooch



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Beau gold vermeiltifu gold vermeillly detailed 1950\u gold vermeil2019s Western German pin is a 3-D bu gold vermeiltterfly design made of gold vermeil filigree. Vermeil is sterling silver with a gold overlay that wears and looks like gold. It's a very cool three dimensional design that I have tried to depict in the pics. Marked on the back for the cou gold vermeilntry of origin (Western Germany) and sterling silver. There is also a hallmarked for Willi Nonnenmann, a German modernist designer. The pin back has a good safety catch.Markings: \u gold vermeil201cSterling Germany\u gold vermeil201d plu gold vermeils maker\u gold vermeil2019s mark. The pin measu gold vermeilres 1.5" x 1.125" Willi Nonnenmann fou gold vermeilnded his company in Germany in 1932. In ou gold vermeilr research we saw that he filed for his US trademark in 1962-3. Ou gold vermeilr u gold vermeilnderstanding is that since the piece says \u gold vermeil201cSterling Germany\u gold vermeil201d it\u gold vermeil2019s more likely from the \u gold vermeil201860s and not one of his very early pieces.

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