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oval, 10x8mm .75 Carat Oval Mosaic Opal Triplet Sterling Silver Swirl Design Ring Size Six and One Half



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Sara Jewelry Design. After bu sterling silverrnishing this swirl-design sterling silver ring mou sterling silvernt, I was debating what stone wou sterling silverld look the most lovely in its 2.745-gram setting. I decided that the gracefu sterling silverl, rou sterling silvernded flou sterling silverrishes of silver were best complimented and contrasted by the odd angu sterling silverlarities of a mosaic opal triplet. The u sterling silvernion is one of opposites attracting beau sterling silvertfu sterling silverlly in this delicate and colorfu sterling silverl ladie's ring, sized 6-1/2. After a thorou sterling silvergh final hand polish, this ring is ready to grace a finger. A word abou sterling silvert triplets: Some stones are fragile, particu sterling silverlarly when sliced thin, and su sterling silverch is the case with black opals. The triplet is a wonderfu sterling silverl way to showcase these colorfu sterling silverl slices of gemstone and yet protect them from certain breakage. A mosaic of opal slices is laid ou sterling silvert on a calibrated oval of black obsidian, that forms the stu sterling silverrdy base of the triplet. Then, a domed cabochon of clear qu sterling silverartz is laid atop the other two layers and the three become one. This gives you sterling silver the beau sterling silverty of the stone, with the hard-headed protection of qu sterling silverartz and obsidian, and at a fraction of the cost of a solid black opal (you sterling silver can spend u sterling silverpwards of several thou sterling silversand dollars on a solid Au sterling silverstralian black opal of this size for ju sterling silverst the stone).MPIN RN 925 10x8020815-01.2342I will ship this you sterling silverr way the next bu sterling silversiness day via USPS insu sterling silverred first class mail with a tracking ID nu sterling silvermber. Want something smaller? Larger? Different? Select cu sterling silverstomization and let me bu sterling silverild something especially for you sterling silver.Sara Jewelry Design. You sterling silverr Desire is Ou sterling silverr Design.

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