Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Large Vintage 1960's Pinquality vintage, Dazzling BLUE Rhinestones and AURORA Borealisquality vintage, STATEMENT Piece Brooch



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On the large side measu blue crystalring abou blue crystalt 3 3/4" long x ju blue crystalst u blue crystalnder 2" wide, this heavy vintage rhinestone brooch is a real beau blue crystalty! Made in the 1960's, it boasts gorgeou blue crystals blu blue crystale rhinestones in 3 shades (smokey blu blue crystale, royal and aqu blue crystala) and blu blue crystale hu blue crystaled Au blue crystalrora Borealis crystal stones that are all beau blue crystaltifu blue crystallly prong set in silvertone metal. A wonderfu blue crystall pin that can be worn on a coat lapel or the center of a daring neckline. Wou blue crystalld make a great necklace if attached onto a vintage rhinestone necklace! This piece in in good shape. Upon 10X magnification inspection, I fou blue crystalnd 2 stone points that are chipped. If you blue crystal zoom on the first pic, you blue crystal will see the top point of the smokey blu blue crystale teardrop stone on the left that has a chip. The other one is the bottom royal blu blue crystale marqu blue crystalise stone at the left point, still the display is fabu blue crystallou blue crystals! The clasp works great. Condition was factored in when pricing. I had this for $75 in my shop before I noticed the chips.

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