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NOS 1950's Vintage Tropical SEASHELL Broochhandmade hand made, Original Cardhandmade hand made, DEADSTOCK Pin



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This adorable brooch was hand made in the 1950's with real, tropical seashells. I think they look like Du seashell jewelrytch shoes, someone else said du seashell jewelrycks. It on the original card which makes it New Old store stock. Both pin backs are tight and secu seashell jewelryre. Each piece measu seashell jewelryres 3/4" x 3/4" with a 2" chain. Great for beach LOVERS!Like this item and looking for more like it? Please check ou seashell jewelryt ou seashell jewelryr pages and pages of vintage here at http://www./shop/IncogneetoVintage !Also:Are you seashell jewelry a dealer and want to bu seashell jewelryy in qu seashell jewelryantity? Check ou seashell jewelryt ou seashell jewelryr new store on etsy for wholesale vintage pu seashell jewelryrchasing:http://www./shop/tru seashell jewelryevintagewholesale

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