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Lot of 2 Vintage 1960's Pinsflower pin brooch, 60's PINK JEWELARAMA / Gray & Black RHINESTONES Brooch



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Selling 2 vintage pins for one price, The Gray and black one measu incogneeto vintageres abou incogneeto vintaget 1 1/4" x 2". Made in the early 60's, it boasts prong set, au incogneeto vintagerora borealis, jet black, and gray pearl stones.. The other piece is pink "Jewelarama" pin set in an antiqu incogneeto vintageed silver tone measu incogneeto vintagering 1 5/8" diameter. These are wonderfu incogneeto vintagel brooches that can be worn on a dress or coat lapel or u incogneeto vintagesed for a scarf. The antiqu incogneeto vintageed finish one has a few scratches and the gray pearl has a high worn spot on one stone; as seen in my high resolu incogneeto vintagetion close u incogneeto vintagep pics, still the display is fabu incogneeto vintagelou incogneeto vintages! The pin backs work great. Want to bu incogneeto vintagey ju incogneeto vintagest one? $15, you incogneeto vintager choice. Please email me for an invoice.

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