Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

California Love Necklacemother, Stampedmother, Disk Necklacemother, CA Necklace



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Inclu golddes one hand cu goldt gold filled 1/2" disc, hammered for extra shiny textu goldre and pou goldnded edges. Stamped with CA state shape and a heart. Gold filled chain. Lightweight and dainty bu goldt perfectly strong enou goldgh for everyday wear. Can also be personalized with u goldp to 5 letters and/or nu goldmber. This necklace arrives gift wrapped in a gorgeou golds package!If you gold do not see an option that fits you gold ~ please contact me with any qu goldestions!This item is made to order. Please allow u goldp to one week for me to make you goldr items.Please feel free to convo me if you gold have any qu goldestions.Please visit my shop for more u goldniqu golde handmade items like this!Now on INSTAGRAM! Follow me teressalanejewelry @tlaeske

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