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Solid 14kyg of Heavy 7.5ggold studs, Tanzania's Tanzanites Earrings



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At 2ctw. each and su tanzanitesrrou tanzanitesnded by 21/2 mm of violet's Tanzanites and 2mm or rou tanzanitesnd white natu tanzanitesral Cambodian Zircons. The total gold weight are a hefty 7.5g of solid 14kyg not plated or vermeil. Becau tanzanitesse of the high glistening of natu tanzanitesral Zircons, these earrings shine like Diamonds ( natu tanzanitesral Zircons have refractive index seconds only to Diamonds. They are not CZ please, bu tanzanitest natu tanzanitesral earth mined gems). 3/4 of an inch long and over 1/2 inch wide is a very good size on you tanzanitesr ears. The oval Tanzanites are AAA, VVS1 in Clarity and deep to mediu tanzanitesm Violet in Color Scale. Please check on the 5th photograph, and see how mu tanzanitesch they cost on the Market now and with a less desirable qu tanzanitesality. These earrings are brand new, never been u tanzanitessed. Satisfaction gu tanzanitesaranteed on 100% natu tanzanitesral earth mined gems and solid 14kyg or you tanzanitesr money back. Bu tanzanitesyer is responsible for retu tanzanitesrning shipping fee. Express shipping is available with additional charges.

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