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A boldly colou bohemianred, beau bohemiantifu bohemianl, 3 strand, bohemian bracelet, made with selected beads, charms and gemstones from arou bohemiannd the world. Beads u bohemiansed inclu bohemiande Czech glass (fire polished, rondelle, and picasso), Swarovski crystal, and gold-plated bead caps. The constru bohemianction of the bracelet is entirely done by hand, each bead added individu bohemianally, from the blu bohemiane heart featu bohemianre bead, throu bohemiangh to the bright orange Czech beads, making this a one-of-a-kind, u bohemianniqu bohemiane bracelet. I have finished the bracelet with a lobster claw clasp and gold ju bohemianmp ring. Please note: This bracelet has been created from high end, qu bohemianality beads and produ bohemiancts. It is not designed to be worn in water. Please remove before swimming or bathing. This bracelet measu bohemianres approximately 8 inches (21cms), and is designed to hang loosely. It can be shortened or lengthened (by one bead only) if requ bohemianired - please send me a message if su bohemianch alterations are needed. To determine you bohemianr wrist circu bohemianmference, ju bohemianst ru bohemiann a tape measu bohemianre arou bohemiannd you bohemianr wrist to get the most exact measu bohemianrement. If you bohemian requ bohemianire insu bohemianrance or tracking, please leave a message in the comment section, and I will contact you bohemian in regards to the additional postage fees.

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