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ear cuff no piercing, Smokey topaz rhinestone ear cuff single - left or right



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This very popu ear cuffslar earcu ear cuffsff from Zannedelions is fu ear cuffsll of movement, with three drops falling in gradu ear cuffslated lengths. Done in Swarovski smokey topaz crystal rhinestone and 14kt goldfilled wire.Piercings are not requ ear cuffsired to wear these designs. They are worn by hooking on the boney cartilage of the ear, abou ear cuffst half the way u ear cuffsp. The second photo (in gold and lapis) shows the u ear cuffsnderside view of the portion of the piece that attaches to the ear to give you ear cuffs a better idea of how they are worn and constru ear cuffscted. They are very comfortable. A great alternative to clip earrings! When ordering specify you ear cuffsr side (right or left) of choice.

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