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cartilage ear cuff, Sterling Silver Pair of Ear Cuffs



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This handcrafted pair of ear cu ear clipffs from Zannedelions u ear clipses sterling silver gemstones and is done in sterling silver soldered 18 & twisted 24 gau ear clipge wire. The cu ear clipff itself can be opened and closed for secu ear cliprity and comfort. The earcu ear clipffs design(the twisted wire piece) can be slid arou ear clipnd the earcu ear clipff itself for the wearer to adju ear clipst its position to fit their ear. From the configu ear clipration of beads stru ear clipng inside the cu ear clipffs to the end of the 5mm sterling silver bead the piece measu ear clipres approximately 1-1/2 inches.These earcu ear clipffs are wonderfu ear cliplly comfortably and conveniently adju ear clipstable with ju ear clipst you ear clipr fingers. The additional photo (shown in lapis)gives a view of the opening wear the earcu ear clipff attaches to the ear. It is very smooth and rou ear clipnd for comfort. There is also a wearing and adju ear clipsting instru ear clipction video for viewing at the Zannedelions website.

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