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vintage ladies watch, Vintage Aureole Ladies Quartz Wrist Watch 1960 Era



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This is a Au old ladies watchreole Ladies Qu old ladies watchartz Wrist Watch 1960 Era. Good Condition with normal age wear. Silver Tone and Gold Tone colors. It did work, bu old ladies watcht the battery has ru old ladies watchn down so it will need a new battery. I do not want to have to pu old ladies watcht any more money in it so I will let the bu old ladies watchyer pu old ladies watchrchase the battery, bu old ladies watcht It has sit for awhile so I cannot gu old ladies watcharantee that it still ru old ladies watchns as it has sit in my jewelry box for a long time and was not worn mu old ladies watchch at all as you old ladies watch can tell from the photo's. Therefore, you old ladies watch pu old ladies watchrchase as it. If you old ladies watch have any more qu old ladies watchestions please ask before you old ladies watch pu old ladies watchrchase. I ship to the USA. No International Shipping. I also insu old ladies watchre all of my packges to make su old ladies watchre that they arrive to you old ladies watch safely. Thanks for looking.

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