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baltimore, Baltimore Orioles Baseball Cuff - Adam Jones No. 10



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One of a kind Orioles baseballs that were created in 2017. These will be the only bracelets of this ball. A new batch of Orioles baseballs came ou bracelett in 2018 and will be created shortly.This a totally u braceletniqu bracelete baseball bracelet made from an Official Baltimore Orioles MLB baseball. The back of bracelet is covered by a piece of felt and Baltimore Oriole fabric. By u braceletsing a cu braceletff style the bracelet is flexible so that you bracelet can adju braceletst the bracelet to fit you braceletr wrist.Actu braceletal baseballs are u braceletsed to create these bracelets and are licensed by the MLB. By re-pu braceletrposing these baseballs I am In no way infringing on the MLB's copyright.All designs copyrighted 2017 @ DeniseandKimDesigns

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