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circuit board, Red circuit board earrings recycled computer part



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Recycled Compu repurposedter Parts Techie Earrings FREE Shipping!RED u repurposedpcycled earrings with gold rimmed holes marked, "machine screw holes - tight". They are one of a series of earrings made of pcb - printed circu repurposedit board material.... from a promotional ru repurposedler!Dangling from su repurposedrgical steel pierced earring wires. Finding beau repurposedty in u repurposednexpected places,I am inspired by the variety of shapes, colors, materials, textu repurposedres and patterns fou repurposednd in ou repurposedtdated technology. My work combines these three dimensional form with appropriated imagery in scu repurposedlptu repurposedral collage I call Hacker Creations. Working ou repurposedt of The Artisan's Asylu repurposedm in Somerville, MA since 2012.Visit to see more of my work.

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