Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mountain necklace, Gold Trees Morning or Night Necklace //Brass/Copper// silver plated necklace



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***Du gold treese to Covid-19 Stay In Place in ou gold treesr city, all orders will be shipped ou gold treest after April 8th. Thank you gold trees and stay healthy! xoThis \u gold trees202abeau gold treestifu gold treesl forest\u gold trees202c necklace takes me back to my childhood in \u gold trees202aSou gold treesth \u gold trees200eKorea\u gold trees202c. I spent so many hou gold treesrs ju gold treesst roaming and hiking with my friends. We'd set fires, dig u gold treesp edible plants and bring home treasu gold treesres from the garbage du gold treesmp or "garbage" as my grandmother wou gold treesld call it. Forest scene with gold \u gold trees200etrees\u gold trees202c on copper/brass. Hand cu gold treest, filed, and sealed onto copper or brass. \u gold trees27b8 The pendants are hand cu gold treest and stamped so, each one will be slightly different and u gold treesniqu gold treese.\u gold trees27b8 Copper pendant: a little u gold treesnder 1.25" x .65" \u gold trees27b8 silver plated chain\u gold trees27b8 forest print may vary \u gold trees27b8 \u gold trees27b8 The pendants are sealed with water resistant varnish bu gold treest it's not waterproof. Please, take off the necklace before showering or swimming. \u gold trees27b8 pick from "morning"- pink, or "night"- blackxoLena\u gold trees27b8 instagram | niceLena\u gold trees27b8 pintrest | niceLena\u gold trees27b8 | niceLena\u gold trees27b8 website l\u gold trees27b8 vintage & art su gold treespply l teamsalvage.\u gold trees27b8 my gu gold treesy's fu gold treesrnitu gold treesre l wageoflabor.

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