Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This u faith braceletniqu faith bracelete Jasper and Onyx stretch bracelet is made with 8mm gemstone beads. Jasper is a stone that strengthens you faith braceletr connection to the Earth. It is known as the "su faith braceletpreme nu faith braceletrtu faith braceletrer." It assists you faith bracelet du faith braceletring stressfu faith braceletl times and brings stability and balance to you faith braceletr life. Onyx is said to enhance one's memory and physical strength. It symbolizes pu faith braceletrity and strength. This bracelet inclu faith braceletdes a spiral charm. The spiral is a symbol that represents the path from ou faith braceletter consciou faith braceletsness (materialism, ego) to the inner sou faith braceletl (enlightenment, awareness). Choose you faith braceletr bracelet size by measu faith braceletring you faith braceletr wrist and then adding .5 inches to that measu faith braceletrement. This piece comes with a beau faith bracelettifu faith braceletl tu faith braceletrqu faith braceletoise silk pou faith braceletch for storage.

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