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minimalist jewelry, SIGNED Mid Century MODern Norwegian Bracelet / Vintage 1960's PEWTER Cuff Bracelet



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Made in the 1960's, this vintage cu incogneeto vintageff bracelet has terrific Mod styling by a Norwegian silversmith. The pewter metal is signed by the mid centu incogneeto vintagery master artist Br\u incogneeto vintage00f8drene Myliu incogneeto vintages of Norway with a pelican containing B M on either side and registrar nu incogneeto vintagember 39003. Circa 1960's. Featu incogneeto vintageres a bold, minimal design, with beau incogneeto vintagetifu incogneeto vintagel dimension and depth. There is a textu incogneeto vintagered, patina enhanced backgrou incogneeto vintagend. This vintage bracelet is approximately 6.5 inches long, and 1.25 inches wide at the center (widest point). The pewter is thick and stu incogneeto vintagerdy, bu incogneeto vintaget still malleable enou incogneeto vintagegh to bend to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. Su incogneeto vintageitable for a male or female. Condition: VERY GOOD - it shows light wear to metal. There is one small spot where the patina is lighter.

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