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engraved, The Latinate Collection Custom Hand Stamped Brass Ring



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Each of these brass rings is hand-stamped with the Latin proverb or phrase of you monogramr choice. I can cu monogramstom-design a ring with the words of you monogramr state motto, college seal or something you monogram learned in high school Latin abou monogramt Cornelia sitting u monogramnder a tree. If you monogram need inspiration, there's an u monogramnsu monogramrprisingly thorou monogramgh list here: monogramll%29 I can also stamp names or phrases in any other langu monogramage that u monogramses the same alphabet, inclu monogramding English!Please specify word or phrase and width (3mm or 4.5mm) and choose size and finish when ordering.Brass will develop a natu monogramral patina over time. It can be cleaned and polished with any commercial brass polish if you monogram prefer to keep you monogramr ring shiny. Please note that this listing is for one ring.

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