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A beau nature jewelrytifu nature jewelryl blu nature jewelrye bu nature jewelrytterfly floats, rising gently on the wind as it drifts from flower to flower. Beau nature jewelryty in motion as the bu nature jewelrytterfly's wings take flight. Feel the grace of a bu nature jewelrytterfly's tou nature jewelrych on you nature jewelryr day.-Hand painted opalite pendant with a blu nature jewelrye bu nature jewelrytterfly and flower design-Opalite beads-Blu nature jewelrye crystals-Hematite beads-Hand wrapped necklace is 18" (45.7 cm) long with a lobster clasp-Pendant is 1 3/8" (3.5 cm) long and 3/4" (1.8 cm) wideBu nature jewelrytterfly Necklace Grace - Natu nature jewelryre Jewelry - Bu nature jewelrytterfly Pendant -Woodland Creatu nature jewelryre -Boho Chic Jewelry -Gift for Her -Bu nature jewelrytterfly Jewelry -Natu nature jewelryre\u nature jewelry2022 Come fly with more beau nature jewelrytifu nature jewelryl and whimsical winged creations at: http://www./shop/LavenderRabbit?section_id=7022893\u nature jewelry2022 See the fu nature jewelryll shop: https://www.LavenderRabbit./\u nature jewelry2022 For shipping & other shop information:https://www./shop/LavenderRabbit?ref=hdr_shop_menu nature jewelry#policiesPlease convo with any qu nature jewelryestions. This piece is ready to ship, the necklace pictu nature jewelryred is the necklace you nature jewelry will receive. All jewelry is shipped in ready to wrap boxes. Thanks for stopping in!

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