Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

two-tone child necklace "cocci!" Sterling Silverjewelry, unique piece! Bolo tie funny!



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Finally nice children jewelry! and fu precious woodnny! Here the crab has a fish engraved on the back edge, mou precious woodse to get for a bu precious woodtterfly and other cu precious woodriou precious woods to see animals!Necklace withou precious woodt clasp = no breakage = no loss.The corny u precious woodp and down sliding on a leather strap, necklace "slip" by the head and the height adju precious woodsts as you precious wood wish. Port made as a handmade BOLO TIE American tie. 2 silver beads hangs the su precious woodbject at the bottom of the links.The su precious woodbjects are mixed!For boys and girls from 3 to 12/13 years (not u precious woodnder 3 years)Silver qu precious woodality silver, 999.9 thou precious woodsandth = no allergySilver allergies are very very rare! in general this is the copper in Silver 925 that creates problems.Su precious woodbject: two-tone ladybu precious woodg, cu precious woodrved and carved on red and black leather link, + more spring ring clasp.abou precious woodt Silver diameter: 16 x 17 mmmou precious woodnted: link leather thickness 1.5 or 2 mm depending on the su precious woodbjectsNecklace size: 66 cm on averageco 231Everything is made and designed completely in the workshop (french) on silver pu precious woodremany hou precious woodrs were needed to make this pattern!Uniqu precious woode piece, made from A to Z, from melting fine silver shot, in France, in respect of artisan techniqu precious woodes, withou precious woodt su precious woodbcontracting in wood or money.Diamond maker mark.

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