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RARE 1930's Miriam HASKELLdress clips, Industrial Design Chrome and Black Glass Beadeddress clips, Pair of 30s Art DECO Dress Clips



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Here we have a fabu miriam haskell beadslou miriam haskell beadss pair of vintage 1930s dress clips made with shiny chrome and black glass beads in a very Art Deco design! The indu miriam haskell beadsstrial design is the lampshade look of Miriam Haskell in the 1930s. Althou miriam haskell beadsgh they are u miriam haskell beadsnsigned, they have all the ear marks of u miriam haskell beadsnsigned pre World War II Haskell. The clip back is right and the design is signatu miriam haskell beadsre Haskell. These vintage art deco dress clip are in great condition, beading and clip are secu miriam haskell beadsre and work fine.There is some very minor wear to the sides of the fan design. It actu miriam haskell beadsally looks cleaner in person. The camera reflected the darkness more than it actu miriam haskell beadsally is.I will gu miriam haskell beadsarantee au miriam haskell beadsthenticity to Miriam Haskell and you miriam haskell beadsr satisfaction to these wonderfu miriam haskell beadsl pieces.Measu miriam haskell beadsrements:1 1/4 inches in height1 3/8 inches at the widestTwo wonderfu miriam haskell beadsl clips that can be worn as intended in the corners of a squ miriam haskell beadsare dress neck line or as scarf clips, hat clips, or incorporated on a necklace. The clips works great. A u miriam haskell beadsniqu miriam haskell beadse designer set. It's rare to find them still in pairs.

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