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miriam haskell pin, Vintage GLASS Cluster Brooch / Unsigned Set / Miriam HASKELL Style Pin / HOLLYCRAFT Earrings



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This is a gorgeou vintage hollycrafts "married" set with a vintage brooch and a pair of similar earrings. The pin is stu vintage hollycraftnningly made with clu vintage hollycraftsters of glass beads wired together in a floral design of pink, orange, topaz and green glass. These are then attached to the base and covered with a shiny silver piece with open pierced work. It is u vintage hollycraftnsigned bu vintage hollycraftt has the signatu vintage hollycraftre style and look of Miriam Haskell. The earrings are also u vintage hollycraftnmarked, bu vintage hollycraftt I believe them to be Hollycraft. Again with all the ear mark designs of this designer. The stones are all present, bu vintage hollycraftt someone has replaced 2 pearls with the wrong color. This vintage brooch is in great condition, beading and clip are secu vintage hollycraftre and work fine.Diameter Measu vintage hollycraftrements:Pin 2 inchesearrings 1 1/4"

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