Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Imperial Jasper Gemstonesgold colored beads, Pyrite Gemstonesgold colored beads, Stretch braceletgold colored beads, Bohemiangold colored beads, Beach Weargold colored beads, Summer Weargold colored beads, Layered Bracelet



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This lovely bracelet is made with 8mm jasper and pyrite beads. Jasper is known as the "su jasper braceletspreme nu jasper braceletsrtu jasper braceletsrer." It is beneficial for relaxation and tranqu jasper braceletsility. Pyrite enhances willpower and helps with overcoming anxiety. These two stones harmonize well together for spiritu jasper braceletsal growth. This bracelet stretches to abou jasper braceletst 9 inches and fits most wrist sizes. This piece comes with a beau jasper braceletstifu jasper braceletsl silk pou jasper braceletsch for storage.

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