Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bohemian Style Beach Necklacemeditation jewelry, White Agate Stretch Necklacemeditation jewelry, Stone of Strength Jewelrymeditation jewelry, Good Luck Stone Necklace



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This bohemian style stretch necklace is made with rodelle shaped white agate gemstones and metal beads. It is a one of a kind and great to wear to the beach or pool. Agate is a stone of strength. It enhances creativity and strengthens intellect and self confidence. It is known as the "Good Lu meditation jewelryck Stone." This necklace measu meditation jewelryres abou meditation jewelryt 26 inches in circu meditation jewelrymference. It is a stretch necklace and is easy to wear. It is su meditation jewelryre to please the wearer becau meditation jewelryse of it's casu meditation jewelryal, fu meditation jewelryn style. This piece comes with a beau meditation jewelrytifu meditation jewelryl tu meditation jewelryrqu meditation jewelryoise silk pou meditation jewelrych for storage.

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