Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bronze textured pendantchristmas gift, silver chain



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A bronze pendant, textu boho jewelleryred and shaped into an elegant drop shape. Bronze is very popu boho jewellerylar with men and women - it has a kind of primitive qu boho jewelleryality that I love. Did you boho jewellery know that bronze is the special gift for the 8th wedding anniversary?The pendant measu boho jewelleryres 24mm by 18 at the widest point and comes with a free 18 inch silver plated chain.\u boho jewellery2665All my items are handmade by me in my Dorset Stu boho jewellerydio.\u boho jewellery2665I commu boho jewellerynicate with clients every step of the way and am always happy to chat and answer qu boho jewelleryestions.\u boho jewellery2665My pieces are beau boho jewellerytifu boho jewellerylly presented and packaged with bespoke boxes and ribbon.\u boho jewellery2665UK postage is free althou boho jewellerygh you boho jewellery are able to choose tracked postage if you boho jewellery wish.All items sent abroad will be tracked.Why not have a look at my other items on etsy?https://www./u boho jewelleryk/shop/fionaingramjewelleryhttps://www./u boho jewelleryk/shop/fionaingramjewellery?ref=search_shop_redirect

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