Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purse mirror, monogram letters mirror personalized custom circle compact pocket mirror cheap Christmas gifts CMO14



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SPECIFICATIONS----------------------------\u personalized gifts2022 Size(approx): 2.25" x 2.75" (58mm X 70mm).\u personalized gifts2022 Du personalized giftsal mirrors inside. \u personalized gifts2022 Print su personalized giftsblimated permanently on the front cover.\u personalized gifts2022 100% Satisfaction Gu personalized giftsaranteed.Please make su personalized giftsre to provide cu personalized giftsstomer info (Name, Established year) you personalized gifts need when you personalized gifts check ou personalized giftst or send u personalized giftss a message after you personalized gifts have placed an order. For monograms it is First, Last and Middle initial. Please list them in the EXACT order you personalized gifts wou personalized giftsld like it to appear.DELIVERY-------------------------\u personalized gifts2022 All compact mirrors are shipped by USPS first class package with tracking nu personalized giftsmber (ou personalized giftsr standard shipping). Estimated shipping time: 3-5 bu personalized giftssiness days within USA (may not be gu personalized giftsaranteed according to USPS)\u personalized gifts2022 If you personalized gifts need you personalized giftsr compact mirror faster, you personalized gifts can choose Priority Mail. Estimated shipping time: 1-3 bu personalized giftssiness days within USA (gu personalized giftsaranteed by USPS)\u personalized gifts2022 For international shipping, we offer standard First Class International Package. Estimated shipping times: 5-10 bu personalized giftssiness days worldwide (according to USPS)NOTE-------------------------\u personalized gifts2022 Personalized items may not be retu personalized giftsrned or refu personalized giftsnded.\u personalized gifts2022 Color may vary slightly du personalized giftse to the color setting of each individu personalized giftsal monitor.Thank you personalized gifts for looking, please feel free to message me with any qu personalized giftsestions.Interested in a cu personalized giftsstom compact mirror with you personalized giftsr own images? Ju personalized giftsst convo me!I LOVE cu personalized giftsstom orders too!Thank you personalized gifts for visiting The PersonalizedgifStore! Please be su personalized giftsre to visit ou personalized giftsr shop for other gift ideas...https://www./shop/PersonalizedgifStore?ref=search_shop_redirect

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