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Calming Howliteturquoise bracelet, Jasper Beadsturquoise bracelet, African Turquoise Braceletturquoise bracelet, Yoga Bracelet



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This u meditationniqu meditatione bracelet is made with 8mm howlite gemstones, 8mm African Tu meditationrqu meditationoise gemstones and 8mm jasper gemstones. Howlite Is a calming stone. It stills the mind and is known as the "stone of rebirth." African Tu meditationrqu meditationoise is known as the "stone of evolu meditationtion." It is a stone that su meditationpports positive changes and awakens the sou meditationl to spiritu meditational expansion. Jasper strengthens you meditationr connection to the earth. It is a warm and protective stone. This bracelet comes with a beau meditationtifu meditationl tu meditationrqu meditationoise silk pou meditationch for storage. Choose you meditationr bracelet size by measu meditationring you meditationr wrist and then adding .5 inches to that measu meditationrement.

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