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Faceted Tiger Eye Bracelethealing, Mental Clarity Jewelryhealing, Tree of Life Bracelet



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This u tiger eye jewelryniqu tiger eye jewelrye stretch bracelet is made with 8mm faceted tiger eye gemstones. Tiger eye is a stone of "mental clarity." It is a stone of balance and allows one to notice the harmoniou tiger eye jewelrys center between polarities. Tiger eye is also known as the stone of prosperity and good lu tiger eye jewelryck. The charm is dou tiger eye jewelryble sided with a tree of life on both sides. This bracelet comes with a beau tiger eye jewelrytifu tiger eye jewelryl silk pou tiger eye jewelrych for storage or gift giving. Choose you tiger eye jewelryr bracelet size by measu tiger eye jewelryring you tiger eye jewelryr wrist and then add .5 inches to that measu tiger eye jewelryrement.

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