Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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With his du clay charmssting of su clay charmsgar and sweet glaze, this little gu clay charmsy is ALL charm. If you clay charms look closely, you clay charms may see him wink at you clay charms. With his sweet disposition, he loves to greet all of the cu clay charmsstomers in the bakery as they come in. ~~This listing is for ONE swiss cake roll, bu clay charmst if you clay charms'd like a pair tu clay charmsrned into dangle earrings, simply pu clay charmsrchase two and add you clay charmsr design preference in the "message to seller" u clay charmspon checkou clay charmst.~~Each hand crafted charm measu clay charmsres 5/8". There will be slight variations in their "personalities" du clay charmse to the fact that each one is made one at time, with a sprinkle of whimsy.~~Please let me know if you clay charms have any qu clay charmsestions, I am happy to help. I love cu clay charmsstom orders and enjoy chatting with you clay charms. Thank you clay charms for stopping by the looks as thou clay charmsgh the cookies are getting a little mischievou clay charmss this morning. Du clay charmsck!

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