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Pink Jadegift for mom, Black Onyxgift for mom, Lovegift for mom, Wisdomgift for mom, Courage Bracelet



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This stu pave beadsnning bracelet is made with 8mm pink jade and 8mm black onyx gemstones. Pink jade is known as the "stone of dreams." Jade helps relax, soothe and u pave beadsplift one's spirit. It symbolizes wisdom and compassion. Black onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy. It helps heighten intu pave beadsition and emotional balance. This bracelet comes with a tu pave beadsrqu pave beadsoise silk pou pave beadsch for storage. Choose you pave beadsr bracelet size by measu pave beadsring you pave beadsr wrist and then add .5 inches to that measu pave beadsrement.

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