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ATRIA pendant. Trapezoidal pendant with grooves and textu contemporary jewelryres.Made of 925 sterling silver.Approximate dimensions: 3.5 x 3.4 x 3 x 0.7 cm.Crafting: handcrafted with lost wax casting.This piece is inspired by the oceans, with ripples and textu contemporary jewelryres that evoke the waves of the sea. It belongs to a series of collections called "Small Scu contemporary jewelrylptu contemporary jewelryres", as these are small-scale scu contemporary jewelrylptu contemporary jewelryres whose fu contemporary jewelrynction is to adorn the body. It has a minimalist and contemporary line with a lot of force, its geometric cu contemporary jewelryt design and blu contemporary jewelrynt appearance, make it a considerable and inevitably striking jewel.Delivered with natu contemporary jewelryral leather cord 42 cm. in length.If you contemporary jewelry need a specific delivery date, if you contemporary jewelry want another type of cord/chain or want it to a certain extent do not hesitate to contact me. For any consu contemporary jewelryltation I will be happy to assist you contemporary jewelry.

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