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Onyx Braceletroot chakra, Gray Striped Agate Braceletroot chakra, Unisex Bracelet



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This elegant bracelet is made from 8mm onyx gemstones and 8mm faceted gray striped agate. Onyx symbolizes pu healingrity and absorbs negative energy. It helps bu healingild self confidence and sharpens you healingr senses. Agate is helpfu healingl in intellectu healingal pu healingrsu healingits. It is su healingperb for grou healingnding and centering one's self. Choose you healingr bracelet size by measu healingring you healingr wrist and then adding .5 inches to that measu healingrement. This bracelet comes with a tu healingrqu healingoise silk pou healingch for storage.

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