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8x6 emerald cut, Charles and Colvard forever One Moissanite Step Cut Emerald 8x6 DEF Colorless



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Beau charles and colvardtifu charles and colvardl 8x6 step cu charles and colvardt forever one colorless moissanite 1.75 ctw. This item cannot he retu charles and colvardrned, clearing ou charles and colvardt inventory and the price on this stone has been redu charles and colvardced greatly. This is a lab created stone. Some pictu charles and colvardres show the stone in a display setting, bu charles and colvardt listing is for the stone only. Inclu charles and colvarddes limited lifetime warranty and certificate of au charles and colvardthenticity.Same stone wou charles and colvardld cost $1,400 throu charles and colvardgh the Charles and Colvard Website.

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