Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Tiger's eye-Collier with middle pearl-UNIKAT



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All prices are total prices; No VAT card as small bu necklacesiness owners.For collective orders please note on the Shop home page!Collier of u necklacenevenly shaped tiger eye slices with gold-colored glittering centerpiece.Length inclu necklaceding closu necklacere: 49 cmSize of discs: Abou necklacet 11 mm with different thicknessSize of the gold-colored middle pearl: Abou necklacet 18 mmThe middle pearl is yellow gold (like the closu necklacere)-not as in the photos slightly rose colored!The chain is closed with a magnetic connector.Please note:!!! Magnetic closu necklaceres are not su necklaceitable for people with pacemakers!!!!!! Please note the dimensions-low color deviations are possible as a resu necklacelt of different screen resolu necklacetions!!!I assu necklaceme the name of the material from my pu necklacerchasing sou necklacerces-I cannot give a gu necklacearantee, since I am neither a jeweller nor a mineralogist.

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