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name bracelet, Baby Bracelet "Cloud Happiness" Leather



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Baby bracelet with a lot of love to 100% handmade at my goldsmith's table in silver 925 and sewn nappa leather - available in different colors.Names and fonts can be cu name bandstomized. My baby bracelets are absolu name bandtely u name bandniqu name bande.I can gladly add a symbol behind or in front of the names (heart small, heart big, star small, star big) - please inclu name bandde when orderingPLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING:- Name- Font 1.2 or 3- Size (see directional table)- Color"Anyone who says that there are seven miracles in this world has never experienced the birth of a child. Anyone who says wealth is everything has never seen a child smile. Anyone who says that this world can no longer be saved has forgotten that children mean hope." (Honor\u name band00e9 de Balzac)Very special bracelets for very special little earth citizens.Su name bandper beau name bandtifu name bandl as baptismal gifts and absolu name bandtely u name bandniqu name bande. The bracelets are lovingly handcrafted in ou name bandr small goldsmith's workshop, they are personalized and designed especially for you name band according to you name bandr wishes. Each individu name bandal clou name bandd is sawn ou name bandt especially for you name band and nicely rou name bandnded, so that there are no corners and edges on the bracelet that cou name bandld hu name bandrt the delicate baby skin. Depending on the length of the name, the clou name bandd is also adapted, becau name bandse we do not work with any casting models or finished templates.We work with high-qu name bandality materials, exclu name bandsively with preciou name bands metals, su name bandch as silver 925.Attention!Small parts on arm and necklaces can be swallowed, there is a risk of su name bandffocation.Never leave you name bandr child u name bandnattended if they are wearing a piece of jewelry. Please note - Chains and bracelets are made in su name bandch a way that they loosen themselves in case of emergency.I accept no liability for color deviations du name bande to variou name bands screen adju name bandstments!

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