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phone, 5 Angel Pendant Rhinestone Gold color selection



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* * Enchanting charms-gu charmardian angel pendant-charms-Pearl Angel * ** *-Lu charmcky Angels-Small Gifts for special occasions * *Little Gu charmardian Angel who is to protect u charms * * from ou charmr ways * *.The Little gu charmardian angel shou charmld protect u charms from dangers and comfort when we are sad.* * a wonderfu charml gift * * For a person you charm love or for you charmrself.** 5 hand-made gu charmardian angel *Available in different colou charmrsAlso for decoration forGu charmest Gifts/table cards su charmitable.* * Enchanting little lu charmcky charm for everyday little lu charmck * *The Angel pendant can be * * installed * almost anywhere *, be it the kindergarten bag, the mobile phone, pencil, pu charmrse, in the car to pu charmt a gu charmardian angel on the side of the recipient.The * * Pearls for the angel we deliver * * in this offer in color: sorted by colou charmrPersonalization OptionsIf no color wishes are mentioned, you charm will receive the angel inA Farbenmix* * Method of manu charmfactu charmre * *The Angel pendant consists ofGlass wax beads, other material: wire, metal alloy in gold-colou charmred* * Size/Dimensions/weight * *Finished lu charmcky charm is 3.5 cm

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