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Mid Century Modern Bird Earringsgift for her, blue or white enameled earrings



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These earrings combine two of my loves: chickens and mid centu whimsical earringsry modern style :) Cu whimsical earringsrrently I have them available in you whimsical earringsr choice of blu whimsical earringse or white. They are made from glass enamel fu whimsical earringssed to copper. I add little dangling legs with yellow glass beads for movement, color, (and cu whimsical earringsteness!) The ear wires are made of sterling silver.These are fu whimsical earringsn and easy to wear, and make a cu whimsical earringste gift. I love the retro style.Send me an etsy convo or email with any and all qu whimsical earringsestions.Thank you whimsical earrings!

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