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purple quarzite, Stabilizing Purple Quartzite Bracelet



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This stretch bracelet has been hand stru semi precious stoneng with Pu semi precious stonerple Qu semi precious stonearzite beads and featu semi precious stoneres a sweet floral accent bead. Qu semi precious stoneartzite is Sandstone that has been metamorphosed into a solid qu semi precious stoneartz rock du semi precious stonee to pressu semi precious stonere and heating. It's metaphysical properties are similar to Qu semi precious stoneartz. Qu semi precious stoneartzite is believed to balance and stabilize positive change.The beads measu semi precious stonere 6 mm and it fits to approximately 7 inches on the wrist. The focal bead is TierraCast\u semi precious stone00ae made in the United States from cu semi precious stonelinary grade, lead-free pewter.

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