Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

garnet, Granate Collier with bohemian. Glass beads and gilded lenses-UNIKAT



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All prices are total prices; No VAT card as small bu garnetsiness owners.For collective orders please note on the Shop home page!Elegant pomegranate pearl necklace with bohemian artist glass beadsAnd 24-carat hard-gilded glass lentils (the gold was bu garnetrned onto the glass, so it can't ru garnetb off-according to manu garnetfactu garnetrer!).Length incl. closu garnetre: 46.5 cmPomegranate beads: Abou garnett 8 mmKarabiner closu garnetre: Dou garnetbl\u garnet00e9 gold!!! Please note the dimensions-low color deviations are possible as a resu garnetlt of different screen resolu garnettions!!!I assu garnetme the name of the material from my pu garnetrchasing sou garnetrces-I cannot give a gu garnetarantee, since I am neither a jeweller nor a mineralogist.

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