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ear clips, Ear Cuff Pair in Gold filled



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This handcrafted pair of ear cu gold ear clipffs from Zannedelions are done in goldfilled wire and beads. The cu gold ear clipff itself can be opened and closed for secu gold ear cliprity and comfort. The earcu gold ear clipff design(the twisted wire piece) can be slid arou gold ear clipnd the earcu gold ear clipff itself for the wearer to adju gold ear clipst its position to fit their ear. No piercings are needed to wear these ear cu gold ear clipffs. The second photo provided shows a close u gold ear clipp of the portion that secu gold ear clipres the design to the ear. The smooth shape of this portion ensu gold ear clipres a very comfortable and secu gold ear clipre fit.From the bead stru gold ear clipng inside the cu gold ear clipff to the end of the middle stem positioned over the posthole, the piece measu gold ear clipres approximately 1-1/4.The three stems of this piece can be easily adju gold ear clipsted to rest on you gold ear clipr earlobe as you gold ear clip like. This is especially u gold ear clipsefu gold ear clipl with the fu gold ear cliprthest stem allowing you gold ear clip to cover the post hole or su gold ear cliprrou gold ear clipnd it if you gold ear clip prefer to also wear a stu gold ear clipd. These earcu gold ear clipffs are wonderfu gold ear cliplly comfortable and conveniently adju gold ear clipstable with ju gold ear clipst you gold ear clipr fingers. They come with complete instru gold ear clipctions on wearing for those new to earcu gold ear clipffs or when received as a gift. There is also a Zannedelion website that has video instru gold ear clipction on wearing and fitting and a tollfree nu gold ear clipmber for any qu gold ear clipestions or concerns regarding the produ gold ear clipct.

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