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10k Gold Geo Drop Earrings With Wooddangle earrings, Pearldangle earrings, & Glass Beads



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Light weight, hand beaded drop earrings in 10K gold.\u dangle earrings00a0 Neu dangle earringstral beads inclu dangle earringsde wood, pearls, Czech glass.\u dangle earrings00a0These are handmade in Mooresville, NC by a single mom who needs a creative ou dangle earringstlet. Enjoy!____Weight info: Everyone has different weight tolerances for the earlobes. I've tried to indicate where my earrings fall, so you dangle earrings'll be aware before you dangle earrings pu dangle earringsrchase. I personally can't go beyond mediu dangle earringsm weight which I can tolerate throu dangle earringsgh a day in the office or a night ou dangle earringst. Heavy weight will be the major statement earrings bu dangle earringst will not be su dangle earringsitable for everyone.Light Weight= feather light (stu dangle earringsds, polymer clays, small glass beads)Mediu dangle earringsm Weight= More stru dangle earringsctu dangle earringsred earrings with beadingsHeavy Weight= More intricate, stru dangle earringsctu dangle earringsred statement earrings with gemstones or heavy beading.____Gu dangle earringsarantee- I'm new at jewelry making and I definitely want to ensu dangle earringsre you dangle earrings come back for more. If you dangle earrings experience any issu dangle earringses with you dangle earringsr jewelry, please DM with details me and I will make it right. \u dangle earrings00a0\u dangle earrings00a0

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