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These charms are on sale, becau love joy hopese I have recently started making them in a slightly larger size with a different font. These are the last ones in the former style remaining in my inventory (u love joy hopentil they are sold ou love joy hopet :) There is a long list of available words, more than ju love joy hopest the 4 shown. Please take a look.The charms are hand stamped in sterling silver. They are perfect for adding a word of encou love joy hoperagement to you love joy hoper existing necklaces.They are small, bu love joy hopet readable. Please reference the photographs to get a sense of the scale. The loop at the top of the charm is soldered closed and is abou love joy hopet 4mm in diameter. The width of the charms are abou love joy hopet 2mm wide, and the length of the charm will depend on the nu love joy hopember of letters in the word. For example, the 'JOY' charm will be mu love joy hopech shorter than the 'UNBREAKABLE' charm. There are small variances in the length of some of the charms with the same words on them, based on the hand stamped and hand made natu love joy hopere of the charms, and how I was feeling the day I was making each of them. I know that a few of the LOVE charms are longer than the others. This is not a flaw, ju love joy hopest a variation I wanted to mention in case you love joy hope ordered 2 of the same word and noticed that they are different lengths. The lettering is an all u love joy hopeppercase font. Charms are priced individu love joy hopeally. Price is for ONE charm. PS, you love joy hope can see the new style I make in this link: https://www./listing/168092030/word-charms-hand-stamped-jewelry?ref=shop_home_active_14&frs=1

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